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2015 Featured Hut-to-Hut Trips

Backcountry ski Colorado-style: explore the 10th Mountain Division Hut system

2015 Benedict 100 Tour
January 28-February 2, 2015 – SOLD OUT – Call 970-926-5299 for Wait List

  • Ski Aspen to Vail
  • 5 huts, 6 days
  • 100 miles
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Hale to Vail
March 24-27, 2015

  • Ski Camp Hale to Vail Pass
  • 3 huts, 4 days
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Why go with a guide? 

The benefits of experiencing the 10th Mountain Division huts with Paragon Guides are numerous.

  • Experience. Knowledge. Simplicity.
  • Read more — Aside from the logistical advantages that a guide service provides (reservations, transportation, food, sleeping bags cached at each hut, gear rental) having a guide/s opens up the opportunity to travel with an experienced backcountry skier whose knowledge of route, weather, avalanche, ski skills, hut operations and familiarity with the Colorado winter environment can enhance your hut trip experience. Our guides are up to date on current weather patterns and the quality of our snowpack. Whether you are looking for a powder stash or good quality touring conditions a guides knowledge of the snow conditions and terrain can be the difference that you are looking for.

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