Vail Summer Adventures


llama Trekking Vail Colorado Vail Summer AdventuresVail Summer Adventures – Hike with the companionship of a llama willing to share the burden of your gear. Llamas have a curious, gentle and intelligent nature making them an ideal addition for your backcountry adventure. Camps are situated in secluded alpine settings or at high 10th Mountain Huts surrounded by alpine lakes and peak summits. There is always time for fishing, hiking, rock climbing and exploring the surrounding mountains. Read More 


Vail Summer Adventures Rock Climbing“On Belay!” Our guides will introduce you to the gear, gracefulness and challenge of the vertical world. You will learn to appreciate protection systems and the dynamics of rope handling, while developing a sense for comfortably moving on rock. Read More


home-muntaineeringLocal Peak Ascents Full day hikes in the Vail area offer a number of peaks that provide great scenery, High Alpine terrain, and the challenge of reaching these 12,000′-13,000′ summits. The level of difficulty for most ranges from Class 1, Grade 1 to Class 2, Grade 2Read More


Wade fishing trips for wild trout! Drive to options are available as well as short hiking options to lesser fished areas.    Read More



MBGroupA network of logging and US Forest Service access roads along with locals favorite single-track lead to wonder places in the White River National Forest. Join us for a day or multi-day hut adventure into spectacular scenery and historic places. Read More
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