Trail Wise All Day 12-13 Hikes

Challenge yourself to make it to the top, and go higher than you’ve ever gone before. If you are in good shape, you can do it! If you’re really fit, try pushing it to a new level. Your guide will help you choose the right peak so you’ll make it to your destination, but at the same time you will have earned it.

Expect awesome scenery and really rugged terrain. Good trails usually take you to the top, but some of the more challenging peaks require walking on boulders. These hikes are often the most scenic, and offer great solitude, oftentimes having the mountain all to yourself.

We climb peaks in the Holy Cross Wilderness Area, the Eagles Nest Wilderness Area, and the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area.

We typically pick you up at your door at 6:00am, so we can get an early start on the trail. The tour comes with a picnic lunch, and we take your lunch order, so everyone gets the type of sandwich, wrap, or salad that they prefer.

We provide hikers with trekking poles, pack, goretex jacket, hat, mittens, rain poncho, snacks, and bottled water. We provide gaiters if necessary.

Our private guided tours are easy for you to plan. We pick you up at the door of your hotel or residence, transport you to the trailhead, and provide all of the gear that you will need to be outfitted like a pro.