Trail Wise Summer Experiences

Immerse yourself in nature. Experience the raw power of a rushing stream. Treat yourself to meadows of wildflowers. Delight in waterfalls and rugged mountain scenery.

Our Nature Hikes are private outings where your private guide helps you to choose a great trail to a beautiful destination. These hikes are appropriate for all ability and fitness levels. Because it is your own tour with your own guide we will select the right level of difficulty. Typical distances are one to six miles. Uphill difficulty varies with your desires.

Take your time and make it to a really special destination. Amaze yourself with scenery like you’ve never seen before. Alpine Lake Hikes take you to timberline and above where you’ll discover emerald green and azure blue alpine lakes hidden at the head of ancient glacial valleys.

Challenge yourself to make it to the top, and go higher than you’ve ever gone before. If you are in good shape, you can do it! If you’re really fit, try pushing it to a new level. Your guide will help you choose the right peak so you’ll make it to your destination, but at the same time you will have earned it.

Test your endurance on an all-day climb of a legendary Colorado 14er. We have many difficulty levels to choose from, however all are challenging.