COVID-19 Policy and Protocol Updates

Updated May 26, 2020

For both participant and employee health safety, Paragon Guides is following Eagle County Business Social Distancing Protocols* and all other pertinent COVID-19 regulations. This information will be updated to reflect the current regulations as outlined by the appropriate governing bodies.

Health Safety Policies and Protocols 

    • Group Restrictions
        • Max size: 50 (including guides)
        • “Quaran-team” members only (Family, Housemates, etc)
    • Travel Restrictions**(IV.D.)

Any person that is not a Local Resident that travels to or visits Eagle County (a “non-Local Resident”) must be free of any Symptoms consistent with COVID-19 before arrival. 

    • No symptoms**(III.A.)

“Symptoms” are the symptoms of COVID-19 infection, and can include headache, sore throat, fever, dry cough, inability to taste and smell, shortness of breath, ear aches, body aches, diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting and abdominal pain.

    • Previous symptoms and exposure
        • Paragon Guides asks that all participants who have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 infection and/or exposure confirm that they have followed Eagle County protocols**(IV.A.1-2.)
    • Social distancing for non-household members (Guides)**(IV.C.)
        • 6 feet
        • 20 feet from other groups
    • Masks
        • Paragon Guides asks that all participants bring non-medical cloth face coverings for use when social distancing protocol is not possible**(IV.C.3.)
    • Hand sanitizer**(IV.C.2.d.)
        • Paragon Guides will have hand sanitizer readily available for participants. It is suggested that participants bring a personal travel size bottle on each trip.

Participant Waiver and Covid-19 Policies Agreement

Trip Logistical Information 

    • Food/Hydration
        • Day Trips
            • Snacks included (prepackaged)
            • Lunch included with Full Day Trips 
            • Participants are responsible for bringing personal hydration (water)
        • Multi-Day Trips
            • Menus will be decided on a per trip basis
            • Food prep in the field will follow current sanitation and social distancing protocols
    • Transportation
        • Participants are responsible for Self Transport
        • Groups of 2 or smaller can arrange for pick up/drop off

Cancellation Policy

    • Please contact our office for our current cancellation policy, 970.926.5299 or

*Eagle County Business Social Distancing Protocols

**Eagle County Standing Public Health Order