COVID-19 Policy and Protocol Updates

Updated April 22, 2021

For both participant and employee health safety, Paragon Guides is following Eagle County Business Social Distancing Protocols* and all other pertinent COVID-19 regulations. This information will be updated to reflect the current regulations as outlined by the appropriate governing bodies. This includes, but is not limited to State and Local Government agencies, The 10th Mountain Hut Association, and the American Institute of Avalanche Research and Education.

December 18, 2020…“Capacities and prices of the huts this winter are subject to change because of evolving public health orders,” 1oth Mountain Hut Association. See more on Hut Policies by clicking on the link above.

October 9, 2020The Colorado Statewide Order has been adopted in its entirety as an Eagle County Standing Public Health Order. Said Statewide Order can be found on the Colorado Depart of Health website.

April 16, 2021…

On April 16, the state executive orders will devolve and ECPHE will implement this public health order** aimed at decreasing risks for further COVID-19 spread and hospitalizations within Eagle County. Further, this order will help support the community COVID-19 response goals outlined below:

  • Disseminate vaccine quickly and efficiently that supports priorities below
  • Lower disease rates and spread of SARS-CoV2
  • Keep businesses open and workforce employed
  • Keep schools open and work to help restore hope among youth
  • Protect the people in our communities most likely to have severe disease (save lives)
  • Maintain health and medical system capacity to serve our communities
  • Support the emotional and behavioral health needs of our community 
  • Continue on a path to social and economic recovery

Health Safety Policies and Protocols

  • Paragon Guides asks that all participants review and adhere to the “Five Commitments of Containment” in the weeks leading up to and during any course or trip.
    • Five Commitments of Containment
      1. I will maintain six feet of distance.
        • Keeping physical distance is one of the most effective prevention measures.
        • This includes any person who is not from my household.
      2. I will wash my hands often (or use hand sanitizer when washing is not available).
        • Especially after visiting public settings, businesses, before eating, or touching my face.
      3. I will cover my face in public.
        • Face coverings are NOT a substitute for maintaining 6 feet of physical distance in any public environment.
        • Face coverings are REQUIRED when entering any place of business, an event, or public indoor environment (e.g. retail store, grocery store, post office, library, government buildings, theaters, etc).
        • As a general rule, masks are not required in an outdoor environment UNLESS you are in a densely populated public outdoor space, an event, or you can not consistently maintain 6 feet of physical distance from non-household members for 15 minutes or longer.
      4. I will stay home when I am sick.
        • Isolating from others, including household members, will help protect them and limit the spread.
        • Staying home also prevents the spread to co-workers, friends, or neighbors.
      5. I will get tested immediately if I have Symptoms.
        • Testing is a key strategy to help contain the virus.
        • The earlier you know, the fewer people you will spread it to.
  • Non-local residents are asked to review the Special Provisions in the Standing Public Health Order prior to arriving in Eagle County. **(III.C.)
  • No symptoms
    • “Symptoms” are the symptoms of COVID-19 infection, and can include headache, sore throat, fever, dry cough, inability to taste and smell, shortness of breath, ear aches, body aches, diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting and abdominal pain.
  • Previous symptoms and exposure
      • Paragon Guides asks that all participants who have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 infection or exposure confirm that they have followed Eagle County Isolation and Quarantine protocols prior to trip departure. **(III.B.)
  • Social distancing for non-household members (Guides)
      • 6 feet
  • Masks
      • Paragon Guides asks that all participants bring face coverings for use when protocols deem appropriate. Please review mask exceptions. **(III.D.2)
  • Hand sanitizer
      • Paragon Guides will have hand sanitizer readily available for participants. It is suggested that participants bring a personal travel size bottle on each trip.

Trip Logistical Information

  • Food/Hydration
      • Menus will be decided on a per trip basis.
      • Food prep will follow appropriate sanitation and social distancing protocols.
      • Participants are responsible for bringing personal hydration (water). A reusable water bottle is recommended.
  • Transportation
      • Paragon Guides can transport up to 8 participants. Additional fee may apply to groups larger than 4 participants.
      • For groups larger than 8 participants, Paragon Guides can arrange for transportation at an additional cost.
      • When Paragon Guides vehicles are used for participant transport the appropriate protocols will be followed. **(III.E.1.p.)

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation Policy: Due to the uncertainties of health and travel surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to temporarily adjust our Cancellation Policy to reflect the possibilities of unintentional problems occurring prior to your hut trip. We believe these changes provide some assurance that deposits are not lost if situations arise that are beyond the control of participants and Paragon Guides. The changes are a response to both County and 10th Mtn Hut Association restrictions that may continue to change throughout the coming months.

  • If cancelling within 2 weeks of the trip departure, a 50% deposit will be retained as cancellation fee to cover hut fees, guide pay and other hard costs. The trip balance will be held in credit for a future trip or tour. NO REFUND.

  • If cancelling within 3 weeks of trip departure, a cancellation fee of $150 per person will be retained as well as 50% of guide wages (Many of our guides work other jobs and have committed time for your hut trip.). The remainder of the trip deposit will be held in credit for future trips or tours.

  • If cancelling more than 4 weeks from the trip departure, a cancellation fee of $150 per person will be retained and the remainder of the deposit can have the option of a REFUND or CREDIT.

  • Note: Subject to change with Public Health Policies and Regulations.

Participant Waiver and Covid-19 Policies Agreement

*Eagle County Business Social Distancing Protocols

**Eagle County Standing Public Health Order