Donny Shefchik

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Donny Shefchik

There is often one in the ranks who becomes timeless, who has been around forever, who remembers that hidden campsite from a solo trip 10 years previous. Paragon’s Field Director and Senior Guide, Donny Shefchik, may be that one. Time and miles can make someone aware of their surroundings, but passion separates the trail you follow.
donnyfishing1Donny has been with Paragon Guides since 1985, and has had the pleasure of learning about the country, learning about himself and learning about guiding, with the help of a great group of people. A solid “Midwesterner” some might say, Northern Wisconsin is where he came from years ago. As a Junior Racing Coach and Certified Alpine Ski Instructor, he began developing a teaching and personal style that is evident in his guiding. However, the Rocky Mountains continued to work their magic and in 1979 he moved to Vail.

Backcountry skiing, Telemarking, Hiking, Climbing, Fly Fishing, Biking; the outdoor world had found another devout disciple. Donny’s enthusiasm and desire to share the rewards of the mountains, soon took him into guiding. Nordic certification, personal development training, wilderness medicine, Mountain Ski Guide Certification, and his mother’s gift for cooking have helped round out his guiding style. Travel has broadened his outdoor experience with backcountry and ski mountaineering trips in the Western U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan. The simplicity and beauty of the mountain environment has molded his life. Donny has helped to shape Paragon Guides, and in return has reaped the benefits of the mountains and the people who spend time in them.

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