Llama Leasing


••Paragon Guides recommends that all interested parties have some experience and a basic knowledge of backpacking. Our Llama Lease program is not a guided trip. We can assist you with area information but cannot be held accountable for lack of knowledge or decision-making. The Llamas offer much smaller backpacks for everyone, even a few camp luxuries, but do not make up for personal knowledge or camping experience. Even as seasoned “Llama Wranglers” our guides know that the Llamas will add another dimension to the adventure.

Mandatory Training Session
First time Llama handlers are required to attend a 4 hour training to familiarize themselves with the skills needed to safely and effectively move through the backcountry with Llamas.

llama-leasingWe recommend that at least two members of the group attend the training. We also recommend scheduling the session at least two days prior to your trip. This gives you ample time to organize and sort out all of the gear that will be carried by the Llamas. The trainingwill cover saddling, loading and balancing panniers, knots, picketing, area impact, feed and browsing, and navigating obstacles. Cost for the training session is $100.00. For return clients and those people with Llama experience we highly recommend a shorter “brush-up” course for $50.00.


How many Llamas do I need?
We have found through much personal experience that many people think that using Llamas allows for a completely different approach to backpacking and very often too much food and gear is taken. We recommend that many of the basic backpacking concepts still be followed. It becomes far too easy to find yourself only dealing with gear and Llamas if too much “stuff” is taken. For most trips we require a minimum of 2 Llamas. Each Llama can carry 60-80 pounds (including top load articles) depending on the type of load, trail difficulty (steep, rocky, streams) and distances traveled. Most everyone in the group should be expected to carry a small to medium pack. A general “rule of thumb” is one Llama for two people. If a hut is being used it is most likely that fewer Llamas would be required because a full kitchen is available at the hut

Cost includes

  • Llamas (typically two minimum)
  • Tack (saddles, panniers and rain covers, lead ropes, pickets, grain)
  • Trailhead transportation of the Llamas – our fee for transportation is based on miles traveled to and from the trailhead (usually two round trips).  Paved vs dirt/unimproved roads will be priced accordingly.
  • USFS fees / Company insurance / staff wages / administration cost
  • Trailhead assistance with packing panniers and loading Llamas

Rate Summary
Because of differences in trailhead distances and number of Llamas leased our costs will vary slightly and per person costs can vary greatly depending on group size

  • Llama Lease Costs:
    • 3 day lease / 2 Llamas: approximately $500.00 per day
    • 3 day lease / 3 llamas: approximately $610.00 per day
  • Each lease is custom designed.  Contact us with your trip plan.
  • Deposit: 50% booking fee Non-refundable cancellation fee within 48 hours
  • Leasor is responsible for the care of llamas and responsible for any loss.