Llama Trekking

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Llama Trekking Details:

Hike with the companionship of a llama willing to share the burden of your gear.

  • Llamas have a curious, gentle and intelligent nature making them an ideal addition for your backcountry adventure
  • Camps are situated in secluded alpine settings or at high 10th Mountain Huts surrounded by alpine lakes and peak summit

“Our guides were great. They tremendously enhanced the wilderness experience. Both had a good sense of what would maximize the enjoyment of each member of the group”    —John of Charleston,

Day Trips  This link will bring you to our Summer Day Programs site.

Multi-day Trips  2016 Schedule: 

  • July 2016 Dates TBA   Colorado Trail Traverse
    • 10th Mountain Memorial Hut to Uncle Bud’s Hut
  • July2016 Dates TBA Vail to Aspen Llama Trek
    • Estin Hut – Gates Hut – Diamond J Ranch – Margy’s Hut
  • August 2017 Dates TBA   Vail to Aspen  Interconnect
    • See our trip information here.

llamatrekking01Colorado Trail 
Traverse– This classic route begins at the historic training site of the 10th Mountain Division Ski Troops from WWll. Three to five day trips are available. The route follows the Colorado Trail as it winds its way beneath the Continental Divide. Daily distances range from 5-8 miles and up to 1500 feet of elevation gain. Accommodations are mountain huts, part of the 10th Mountain Division Hut System. Longer trips can include a “layover” day at one hut providing plenty of time for relaxing, exploring the area, fishing or climbing a local peak. Scheduled and Custom dates are available.

Custom Trips can be designed for Huts or Camping. Various huts or camping trips are available to meet the dates, needs and interests of families, groups and individuals.

Why Llamas?

vail colorado llama trekking
For centuries, llamas have been used as high country pack animals. Their natural curiosity and intelligence will fascinate you along with their gentle, easy going character which makes them highly compatible with children. They will act as your backcountry ‘sherpas’ carrying the food, tentage and most community gear. With a gentle nature and agile abilities the llama leaves little trace that he has passed through on a trail. Their natural inquisitiveness and relentless curiosity displayed in their ears, eyes and ‘hum’ may show you wildlife that you might have otherwise missed.


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