Pam Gibbs

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Pam Gibbs

Pam describes herself as a soul with a perpetual drive to understand life. She first followed a more conventional approach, studying Plant Biology at Wellesley College and then completing full graduate level studies in Biology at Brown University. She then opted to continue the quest by returning to her childhood love of wild places and chose to settle in the mountains. She is well acquainted with the chaos that life can present and credits this to helping her discover and hone her more philosophical gifts.

Pam Gibbs paragon GuidesShe began guiding after completing a one week solo back-country trip with a llama in the Holy Cross Wilderness area near Vail, CO where she currently lives. She eventually begged for a chance to work as a guide as a way to continue working with Paragon’s llamas and sharing the joys of this with others.

Her approach to the wilderness emphasizes reconnecting to a deeper sense of power and Self by allowing time in the wilderness to practice listening. She views the relationship that we have to Wilderness as a metaphor for exploring the wilderness within our own Self. She completed a 500+ mile section of the Camino pilgrimage across Northern Spain, finding it far more challenging because of the excessive amount of walking on roads. She is particularly enthusiastic about sharing her explorations for inner and outer self-reliance with women and girls.

Structured Training – Courses in Medicinal Plants, Basic Mountaineering as well as a two week Outward Bound course, where she thoroughly flunked the twenty four hour solo requirement.

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