Paragon Guides Hunting Support


Backcountry Colorado Hunting

We can help you get your hunting base camp set up with our Llama Drop Camp and Llama Lease programs,  as well as arrange for game transport after a successful hunt. We provide Guides / Llamas throughout the Archery and Muzzleloader seasons for carrying your gear to camp or assisting in packing out your game. Vehicle and trailer transportation is included. The one day rate is based on approximately 12 hours from our base to the trailhead and camp. A travel distance of 10 miles is maximum for a day and may change based on elevation gain and trail difficulty.

We are based out of Edwards, CO and our US Forest Service Permit extends to Vail Pass, some of the Eagle’s Nest Wilderness, south to Leadville, west to Aspen and East to Eagle.  Our Field Director or another guide would work with you on your exact trail locations to ensure we would be operating within our USFS Permit trails.
Please keep in mind that a llama can carry 60 to 80 pounds each.  A field dressed elk can be upwards of 500 pounds to carry out, a deer about 100-200 pounds.  The greater the load, the greater the likelihood of more llamas, guides and trips.  The rates below are per trip or overnight.

Drop Camp / Game Transport – In the Vail area

2 Guides – 4 llamas

1 – day – $850

2 – day – $1550

1 Guide – 2 llamas

1 – day – $550

2 – day – $1000

  • Additional Fees may apply depending on location of animal.