Sherpa Services

Sherpa Services

Paragon Guides is helping people through the hut system by providing services for hut users to make their experience more enjoyable. Paragon Guides has traveled through the 10th Mountain Hut’s for over 30 years., with our experience we can help you plan the best trip for you. Paragon Guides does not use Snowmobiles to carry food to the hut, we are human power sherpas. There are many levels to our services and we would be glad to help in any way we can.

Sherpa Hut Drop-Off – A Sherpa will carry 30lbs. of gear depending on trial and size of food/gear and will leave them at the hut. There is no trail assistance with this service. Ideal for people on hut-to-hut trips not wanting to carry supplies past the first hut, or groups that need help caring gear.  A second sherpa is an option for more than 40 lbs.  It is best to pass off the gear the night before but the sherpa can also meet you at the trailhead.

Moderate Huts: $250 Base fee for 30lbs of gear.  $50 extra each additional 10lbs.

  • Shrine Mountain Inn
  • 10th Mountain Hut
  • Vances Cabin
  • Jackal Hut
  • Peter Estin Hut
  • Sangreee Froelicher Hut

Advanced Huts: $300 Base fee for 30lbs of gear.  $75 extra each additional 10lbs.

  • Eiseman Hut
  • Janets Cabin
  • Uncle Buds Hut
  • Fowler-Hilliard Hut
  • Polar Star Hut.

Day Guide

  • A Sherpa plus a Guide. One of our guides will help you carry supplies as well as assist you on the trail in route finding, trail breaking, group management and first aid.
  • $695/day
  • 1/7 ratio