Drop Camp

Drop Camps

When you don’t have the time or energy to haul your gear into the backcountry and set up camp, the Paragon Guides “Drop Camp” program may be just for you.

  • Hunting Camps, Wilderness Base Camps, Fishing Camps, Game Transport
  • Hire Paragon Guides to deliver your gear to a pre­-determined campsite or hut.
  • We use a minimum of two llamas to establish a drop camp. Each llama can carry 60 to ­80 pounds including top load articles.
  • Typically, at least one guide will travel into your site with llamas and gear and leave after making sure that your gear is secure or you have arrived. Some distances and trail conditions require additional staff to assist the guide.

We are based out of Edwards, CO and our US Forest Service Permit extends to Vail Pass, some of the Eagle’s Nest Wilderness, south to Leadville, west to Aspen and East to Eagle.  Our Field Director or another guide would work with you on your exact trail locations to ensure we would be operating within our USFS Permit trails.

*Again, A llama can carry 60 to 80 pounds each.  A field dressed elk can be upwards of 500 pounds to carry out, a deer about 100-200 pounds.  The greater the load, the greater the likelihood of more llamas, guides, and trips.  The rates below are per trip or overnight.
Specific packing guidelines will be emailed when reserved.

Drop Camp / Game Transport – In the Vail area

2 Guides – 4 llamas – Max 280 pounds

1 – day – $850

2 – day – $1550

1 Guide – 2 llamas  –  Max 140 pounds

1 – day – $650

2 – day – $1000

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