Work for Paragon Guides

As a small company our staff / guide needs vary by the season. Many of our guides have worked for PG for many years, most on a part-time basis. A few senior guides do the majority of the guide work while assistant guides and new guides fill in where necessary. That said, I am always interested in continuing to grow our “guide pool” with qualified people.

Most new guides come into PG on a very limited part-time basis. The opportunity for more full-time work is typically not something that occurs. Many of our staff have second jobs or may work most of the year somewhere else then fill in for PG for the season. The idea that someone would move to the Vail area to specifically work for PG is typically not realistic. Training time, local knowledge of trails, and an understanding of PG programs takes time before a new guide is ready to lead day or multi-day tours. Training time varies with the experience level that you bring to the table.

  • PG has a Use Permit with the USFS. Their basic certifications for guides are First Aid / CPR and Avalanche Training. PG’s requirements are:
    First Aid / CPR – Asst. Guides need basic but Wilderness First Aid is preferre
  • Head Guides need Wilderness First Responder
  • Avalanche Training – Asst. Guides need Level l but Level ll is preferred – Head Guides need Level ll or higher
  • Additional Training / knowledge and outdoor skills
  • Group Dynamics – leadership ** Navigation ** Survival skills
  • Flora/fauna ** Natural History **Passion for learning and sharing

If you have continued interest in PG please contact me. Guiding can be a wonderful profession, I hope your commitment and passion leads you down your path.

Thank you.

Donny Shefchik, Field Director / Senior Guide