Mountain Biking

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The Vail Valley offers some of the best mountain biking in the state with its diverse landscapes, access, and vast selection of maintained trails and roads. Let Paragon Guides do the dirty work of planning your day, shuttles, food and gear, giving you and your group more time to enjoy this exciting sport.


Choose from TWO mountain biking options

1. Loop Ride: Start and end at the same location. Cross country oriented.

2. Point-to-Point Ride: Start and end at different locations. Downhill oriented.

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Loop Ride

  • Up to 6 hours in length
  • A cross country ride with some uphill climbing
  • Transportation, guide, and snack included
  • Mountain bike NOT included. We can arrange the rental of a full suspension mountain bike, including helmet


# of Persons Half Day Full Day
1 NA $495
2 NA $275
3 NA $225
4+ NA $175








Point – to – Point Ride

  • Half day: 3-4 hours
  • Full day: 5-6 hours (includes lunch)
  • Includes transportation, shuttle, and two guides
  • Downhill oriented ride with the opportunity for less uphill climbing
  • Mountain Bike NOT included. We can arrange the rental of a full suspension mountain bike, including helmet
  • Popular rides (see below): Colorado Trail and Vail Pass to Red Cliff



# of Persons Half Day Full Day
1 $750 Flat Rate (up to 5 people) $750
2 $750 Flat Rate (up to 5 people) $375/ea
3 $750 Flat Rate (up to 5 people) $275/ea
4+ $750 Flat Rate (up to 5 people) $230/ea

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Popular Trails & Roads

mtbikemid1Colorado Trail to Camp Hale
Descend single­track from Tennesse Pass and the Continental Divide to Camp Hale, the historic WWII training site for the 10th Mountain ski troops. Enjoy moderate trails and roads. Half and Full day options.

Vail Pass to Red Cliff
Climb on a graded and gently inclining Forest Service road to the top of Shrine Pass. From there, it’s a gorgeous 8­mile descent through aspen and spruce­ fir forests and along Turkey Creek to the former mining town of Red Cliff. Perfect for half­ day tours.

Red Sandstone area
The Red Sandstone road accesses a variety of roads and single track trails. Lost Lake road, Son­ of­ Middle Creek, Bueffer Creek, and the North Trail offer a variety of single track and road options for riders of all abilities.

Mountain Bike FAQ

Where are your mountain bike tours located?

We offer guided mountain biking outings on most single track trails and Forest Service roads located in the White River National Forest surrounding the Vail Valley, but not on Vail Mountain. Multi­day trips that access the 10th Mountain Division hut system mostly travel on Forest Service roads with limited single track. Some huts are located close to designated Wilderness Areas where bicycle travel is not allowed. The Colorado Trail offers some of the best single track options on our mountain bike hut trips.

What kind of bicycles do you provide?
We rent bicycles from local bike shop partners that maintain a fleet of full suspension mountain bikes. Flat pedals are standard issue. Bring your own bike shoes and pedals if you have them.

Why should I ride with a guide?
Maximize your time in the Vail Valley by going with a guide that knows the terrain, trails, and roads that will best match your abilities. There’s no need to waste time choosing from unknown options, getting lost, or getting in over your head. Plus, mechanicals and accidents happen. Our guides will offer instructional tips, keep your bike in motion, and keep a smile on your face. How much experience do I need? You need basic bicycle handling skills and a moderate level of fitness. You should know how to get on and off a bicycle, know how to control your speed with brakes, and be comfortable climbing and descending. If you’re looking to improve your riding, our guides are happy to offer instructional tips.

Do you offer shuttles for point­ to­ point rides?  
Yes. Please read more about our shuttle services. 

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